and the winner is . . .

Thanks so much to all who participated in my Instagram Barnes & Noble giveaway! The winner of the $25 B&N gift card is @lauraashleyp. Please email me at leeana (at) leeanatankersley (dot) com with your info and we’ll get your gift card to you!!

Also, so many of you have been posting the most gorgeous pictures of Breathing Room in your neck of the woods. In NYC, on the Oregon coast, in JAPAN (!), in Alaska, in Colorado, in Texas . . . all these beautiful shots with stunning landscapes and iconic scenery. It’s kind of completely amazing.

BR Yosemite

My dear friend, Shawn Wisley, just posted the above shot of the book at the base of Half Dome in Yosemite and it just completely blew me away. I love how this image communicates breathing room and space and grace and God’s great creative love for us and our needing-him-and-each-other humanity . . . the picture is a beautiful metaphor for the message of the book. It makes me want to take a deep breath. Love that. Thank you, Shawn, and to all of you who have sent me/posted such gorgeous images, spontaneously. COULD NOT be more in love with these shots.

May your weekend be filled with breath, grace, space. Even if your circumstances don’t change one single bit, may God help you find your way to the spacious place, to his love.

Keep breathing,




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