channeling your inner navy seal

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I know a lot of people who are staring down some hard things right now. Recovering from loss, beginning again, believing something could change, facing down those awful brain vultures who want to convince us we’re done, fighting for some creative space, staying married, looking for beauty in the mess. These things require Navy-SEAL level soul resolve.

Remember the SEAL mantra, “The only easy day was yesterday.” Stay in the fight. Keep showing up. Keep breathing.

No matter what you’re up against today, you are a warrior.

And I believe in you.


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  1. Annette

    Needed to hear this today. Having recently relocated to a new city for work, I’m feeling lost and disconnected too deeply to measure. No close friends. No established church home yet. No hairdresser. That last one can really bring a girl down. Like, way, way down.

    We also share our home with the worst of roommates: Depression. He does not care that we are trying to find the room to breathe. He does not care that we are hopeful we will someday – soon, we hope – be fully unpacked and settled in without ongoing clutter. He skulks around like a petulant child insisting that we pay attention to only him. He’s an exhausting, joy–diminishing, fun-sucking, ever-present part of our family. And most days it feels easier to join him than fight.

    Being reminded I am a warrior feels like it’s own little version of the ice bucket challenge. Equal parts refreshing and scary. Today I will choose to breathe out hopelessness and breathe in my fight. And channel my inner seal.

    Love you!

    • Leeana

      Oh, Annette. I reread your comment this morning and had to reply. I hope you see this. Mental illness is just so incredibly impossible. I’m so sorry. It turns us sideways and asks us to face the world with a totally stilted perspective. There could not be a more empathetic person. And how very very very difficult it is to get daily tasks done when you’re on your ear like that. I so get it.

      I am saying a prayer for you this morning . . . that you have found someone to do your fabulous blonde hair, that the Hard has lifted even just an inch, and that a few boxes have been unpacked. Or maybe just one of those things. Even one. :)

      I believe in you and love you,


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