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IMG_2102Last weekend I facilitated a found art workshop at a conference at my church. It’s been well over two years since I led one of these workshops, and it all felt like coming home in the most tender way. I was so overwhelmed by the participation and enthusiasm. So many who clearly needed and enjoyed the time and space to reflect and create. Something every single one of us needs! We made found journals and/or chipboard collages, and it was perfection. I’m not sure when I’ll be hosting another found art workshop, but I’ll be sure to let you know here when it’s happening. And if you find yourself in the San Diego area, I would triple LOVE to see you there!


One of the great joys of our new house is this tiny little loft space. You have to take a treacherously small winding staircase up to it, which is why my children have named it “Tangled’s Tower.” We decided to do a little mini-facelift on this space. I posted this picture to Instragram (@lmtankersley) and my wildly talented friend Wanida suggested we stop the paint sample madness and just go with “quietude” from Sherwin Williams. Well, we should all be listening to Wanida because the color turned out magical. I’ll post the “after” at some point. It’s become an inspiring little space for me to escape to or send the kids up to and even housed my dear friend Jamie last week while she was in for a visit. Life-giving to tackle a project that we actually finished. Also life-giving to have a room — albeit microscopic — in my house painted aqua. Yesssssssss.


Can I tell you how much I missed butter lettuce in Bahrain? Just not really known for its produce in general, Bahrain was a constant exercise in creative cooking. Now, back in the States, I am overwhelmed by the produce. In fact, one of the things that still chokes me up (even though we’ve been back now 2 1/2 months) is seeing citrus hanging off of trees. It’s like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And so it is with this gorgeous head of butter lettuce. I put it in my turquoise colander and took a picture because it was so so so pretty. Not to mention one of my very favorite color combinations.

It strikes me, as I’m uploading these images, that they are all three — each in their own way — a celebration of color, texture, the senses. Being alive. Being creative.

What is something that’s currently speaking to your senses?

Have a wonderful weekend, precious friends.

Love upon love, Leeana


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