Aren’t these months just careening by? Whoa. November was particularly special because we hosted my dad and stepmom here for two weeks. Such a good mix of scouting the island and also sitting in front of the TV watching football together. Always such a gift to get to show people our lives here.

Here’s our month in a few pictures . . .

IMG_1587 One of the things I so enjoyed doing with my dad and stepmom was doing a driving tour around Bahrain. This ancient mosque just WOW-ed me.


These old doors from the Sheik Isa House were also a WOW moment. If you ever get to Bahrain, the Sheik Isa House is a must see.

IMG_1437The Bahrain Fort is another stunner. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site (2005), archeological digs at the fort have produced extraordinary finds, some dating back to 2300 BC. For example . . .

IMG_1436This piece of pottery was recovered at the fort. We toured the small but beautiful museum that’s next to the fort and were just awed by the history contained in one location.


As we were leaving the fort, I captured these two young women having a chat. Love.

IMG_1401We also braved the sights and scents of the fish market. If you’ve read Found Art, this is the local market I was afraid to go into right next door to our first house (Capital Centre). What an amazing experience to walk through that market with Elle in a front pack, toothless fisherman flirting with her, and seeing every kind of googley-eyed fish you can imagine. We picked up some amazing shrimp and had ourselves a shrimp boil! Never had so much fun walking around on fish guts.

IMG_1532On Thanksgiving, we welcomed a house full. Around 30 or so, I think. Some families who are stationed here, some guys who are working here unaccompanied (families back in the States), and even a couple guys from the Stennis, which came into port here in Bahrain. A fabulous crowd. Steve smoked a turkey — divine — and we started a new tradition of s’mores around the fire pit after dinner. So thankful for our circle here.

IMG_1549 Here’s my crazy crew on Thanksgiving Day!

IMG_1563The day after Thanksgiving we went to the beach at Amwaj and Elle had her first swim in the Gulf with Daddy. The weather and water were absolutely perfect. My dad and Steve did a little fishing as well. A lazy day of sun and sand. Delish!

IMG_1579November, and my dad and stepmom’s trip, ended with traditional Ethopian coffee service on our living room floor. Our beyond-amazing nanny, Hawi, is from Ethopia and offered to make coffee for all of us. Um, yes please. I watched her burn the beans on the stovetop, grind them up, and then make the coffee in a pot right on the stove top. Very, very strong. Very, very delicious. Even Luke and Lane tried it with lots of sugar and heavy cream. One of the things I will miss most about Bahrain is Hawi. She has been a light in our lives here. And what a tender way to get to know her and her culture better. Loved this moment.

How about you? What was a highlight from your November?


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